I’ve lived most of my life in Perth, Western Australia. Dubbed the most isolated city in the world, this once small city has grown substantially over the last few years, fueled by growth in the mining and resource industry in the state. It’s where I call home, close to idyllic beaches such as the nearby Cottesloe beach.

Perth is visited by the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ almost daily over the summer and adjacent months, a steady seabreeze driven from the hot interior desert. This provides world class conditions for my favourite hobby of kite surfing.

I’ve worked as a Java software developer for over 15 years on projects for a number of well known Australian and global companies such as Telstra, Motorola, QBE Insurance, Macquarie Bank, Westpac, Thales and BHP.

I’ve long had an interest in health science, and in the past few years it’s become a particularly major interest delving deep into the molecular biology of the aging process and also researching nutritional status and interventions for a number health conditions.